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Royal Dolphin Swim at Isla Mujeres

Duration: 2 Hours · Departs: 4 Times Daily

While on vacation in this beautiful coastal region, don’t miss your chance to enjoy one of the most popular tours in the area, our Dolphin Royal Swim at the lovely coastal habitat on Isla Mujeres. This remarkable comprehensive activity offers the most interaction with the dolphins of any Dolphin Swim offered on the island. You will enjoy the opportunity to spend plentiful time in the dolphin habitat with these friendly and brilliant aquatic animals.

These marine mammals really enjoy frolicking with people. You will be delighted by their breathtaking acrobatics, including fantastic leaps from the water. These amiable cetaceans truly enjoy interacting with patrons; you can engage in a gentle dolphin hug, a tender dolphin kiss, and a fin-to-hand shake. You’ll be delighted while zooming across the water’s surface while holding onto the dolphins’ dorsal fins for the dorsal tow. The fantastic foot push, a maneuver that propels you through the water while standing as two dolphins push you forward by your feet.

You can also participate in games and play ball with the dolphins. Our knowledgeable trainers will instruct you in how to communicate with these smart animals through hand gestures. You can signal the dolphins when to perform aquatic tricks. You will also be able to spend some free playtime with the dolphins. We limit the number of participants to eight people in order to ensure that everyone spends some quality time with the dolphins.

Enjoy other activities at our splendid Isla Mujeres facility, including swimming with the manatees, photos with the sea lions or manatees, fantasy snorkeling with sharks and rays, biking around the island on a guided tour, access to the beach club as well as lockers showers swimming pool and lounges, and round-trip transportation from Cancun that includes an open bar and lunch buffet.

Royal Dolphin Swim at Isla Mujeres Highlights

  • Foot Push
  • Dorsal Tow
  • Hug
  • Hand target (dolphin jumps towards your hands)
  • Jumping over bars
  • Dancing
  • Games with balls and other playing toys
  • Kiss
  • Free Time with Dolphins

Royal Dolphin Swim at Isla Mujeres Restrictions

  • Height limit: 3' 11"
  • For safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to part take in any of our aquatic activities
  • Wearing safety vests during any water program is compulsory

Tour Prices

Low Price Advantage!
Adults $129
Children $129

Tour Times

  • 12:15 AM
  • 10:30 AM
  • 3:30 PM
  • 2:15 PM

Tour Available

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