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About Dolphin Species

There are nearly forty species of dolphins throughout the world. They range in size, shape, color and behavior but they all retain their distinct long and sleek look as well as their characteristic social and behavioral intelligence. The most common species of dolphin that are found in marine facilities such as the one in Isla Mujeres is bottlenose dolphin. This is also the dolphin that most people think of when they think of dolphins, thanks to well-known pop culture movies and TV shows like Flipper.

Dolphins are mammals that are found in waters throughout the world, typically in shallower waters closer to continental shelves, which is why you often get to see dolphins from right on the beaches of Cancun and Riviera Maya. Dolphins are known for being one of the planet's most social creatures, both with each other and with humans. Unlike many other animals, dolphins rarely shy away from humans. On the contrary, dolphins oftentimes seem eager to meet and interact with humans. For this reason, people from all over have fallen in love with these friendly creatures. Dolphins who live out in the wild typically live in groups called “pods” which can range in size from just a few individuals to over 1,000! They are also known to display cultural-like behavior such as teaching the young how to use tools. There is a great mystique around dolphins because of the high level of intelligence they display along with behaviors that are not common in world of animals such as altruism for other species.

In Cancun, dolphins hold as much fascination for visitors as they do for the locals who work at the dolphin facilities in Isla Mujeres. With these creatures, there is always something new to learn. When you join us for one of the Cancun dolphin encounters, you will learn much about the dolphins. Most excursions include an educational portion where you learn the basics of dolphin behavior and biology. But then, when you see the dolphin up close and when you begin to interact with it, you will learn a lot more about why these creatures as so fascinating. They are excellent sports and love to show off their many tricks. It is the combination of intelligence and sociability that makes these dolphin encounters the type of excursion that you and your family will remember for life.

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The team at Cancun Dolphins is made up of enthusiastic and expert agents who are highly familiar with the travel industry and Cancun. We work with the most highly trained dolphin experts who provide our clients with a truly unforgettable dolphin experience, whether you are going on the Dolphin Encounters or the Dolphin Swims.