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Facts About Cancun

Whether you are coming down to Cancun for an extended vacation or just for a day during a cruise ship adventure, it's a good idea to get some information on your destination before heading down here. This will not only help make your stay run that much more smoothly, but you will also have more knowledge of the area you are visiting.

History of Cancun:

Cancun is unique among Mexico's most famous cities because of how young it is and also because of its rapid growth in just a matter of decades. During the first part of the 20th century, the booming and highly developed lands that are now one of the world's top tourist destinations were home to just a few thousand residents most of which were either fishermen or the family of fishermen. In the 1960's, the Mexican government recognized the area's potential for tourism and announced plans for tourism development in the area. A large international airport was built and hotels, resorts and motels sprang up throughout Downtown Cancun and the strip of beachfront land that later became known as the Hotel Zone. People from all over Mexico poured in to the up-and-coming city in anticipation for the jobs the tourism industry promised. And sure enough, by the 1970's Cancun was well on its way to becoming the resort destination and party capital it is today.

Cancun Airport:

Located just outside of the city's Downtown, the Cancun International Airport is a large airport that serves about 800,000 passengers every month. In fact, the Cancun airport is the second largest airport in all of Mexico. The airport serves Cancun, the Hotel Zone, and the various cities and destinations in the Yucatan Peninsula and along the popular Maya Riviera coast. Many buses and shuttles offer travelers easy access to their destinations. It's a good idea to reserve transportation from and to the airport in advance.

Cancun's Hotel Zone:

This is the famous 17-mile oceanfront stretch where the majority of Cancun's big-name hotels and resorts are located. When people think of Cancun as a resort getaway complete with luxury five-star resorts and spas, this is what they are thinking. People who want to experience the comforts and luxuries of Cancun stay somewhere along the Hotel Zone. The Hotel Zone also offers easy access to all kinds of Cancun tours and activities including the popular dolphin programs.

Downtown Cancun:

This is the part of Cancun that people think of when they picture Cancun as the non-stop spring break destination. Downtown is where locals and travelers alike enjoy a diverse variety of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. This is also the part of Cancun that is most like a typical Mexican town or city. If you are looking to stay somewhere that feels a little more authentically Mexican or historic, you will find some great accommodation options right in Downtown.

Knowledgable Friendly Staff

Here at Cancun Dolphins, we work with only the most dedicated and service-oriented travel agents. Our team is made up of expert Cancun agents who know how to provide you with only the best customer service. Our staff is familiar with all of our Cancun dolphin tours and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our tours, Cancun, or the Yucatan Peninsula. Not sure which of our tours to go on? Simply call our offices and our agents will be happy to find the Cancun dolphin tour that is perfect for you and your group!

The team at Cancun Dolphins is made up of enthusiastic and expert agents who are highly familiar with the travel industry and Cancun. We work with the most highly trained dolphin experts who provide our clients with a truly unforgettable dolphin experience, whether you are going on the Dolphin Encounters or the Dolphin Swims.