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About Dolphin Encounters

You've probably seen them on ocean documentaries, or maybe even in an aquarium setting, but not many people have been able to see dolphins right in front of them. With the Cancun Dolphin Encounters, you and your entire group will be able to not only see these fascinating animals right up close but you will also get to pet them, hug them, and even get a wet dolphin kiss from them! A Dolphin Encounter is the best way to learn about the famous bottlenose dolphins through direct interaction with them.

These dolphins are some of the world's most lauded creatures thanks to their intelligence, sociability, and all-around charming personalities. The Dolphin Encounters are the best way for everyone in your family or group to get to experience the world of the dolphins. These encounters allow you to get up close to the dolphins without jumping directly into the tank with them. Instead, guests on the Cancun dolphin encounters will experience the dolphin adventure from a shallow submerged platform. This allows the dolphins to inch right up close to you so you can pet their sleek gray skin and shake their “hand.” Since the encounters are designed so that you are not fully submerged in the water, even the youngest of Cancun visitors or even the oldest can comfortably and safely be a part of the dolphin experience.

The Dolphin Encounter from Cancun is the highlight of any Cancun vacation. These take place in the excellent state-of-the-art dolphin and marine facilities located on Isla Mujeres, a small and beautiful island located just a short boat ride from the coast of Cancun. During your encounter, you will be lead by a talented and friendly team of dolphin trainers and marine biologists who are just as excited about working with dolphins as you are to meet them. These trainers will provide you with invaluable information about dolphins, their behavior, and what it takes to train and sustain these large marine mammals. By the time you leave the dolphin facilities, you will know a lot more about one of the world's most mysterious yet beloved animals. And through the direct interaction, you will have a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of them.

Knowledgable Friendly Staff

Here at Cancun Dolphins, we work with only the most dedicated and service-oriented travel agents. Our team is made up of expert Cancun agents who know how to provide you with only the best customer service. Our staff is familiar with all of our Cancun dolphin tours and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our tours, Cancun, or the Yucatan Peninsula. Not sure which of our tours to go on? Simply call our offices and our agents will be happy to find the Cancun dolphin tour that is perfect for you and your group!

The team at Cancun Dolphins is made up of enthusiastic and expert agents who are highly familiar with the travel industry and Cancun. We work with the most highly trained dolphin experts who provide our clients with a truly unforgettable dolphin experience, whether you are going on the Dolphin Encounters or the Dolphin Swims.