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About Swimming with Dolphins

Many people have dreamed about what it would be like to swim in a body of water alongside the majestic dolphins. You've probably seen movies or documentaries about these truly unique creatures and have wondered at what it must be like to actually see them right up close, or to feel their skin, or to witness their strength, or simply to swim alongside them. In many places throughout the world, you are not allowed to swim with dolphins, but here in Cancun, the area's excellent marine facilities give you the rare opportunity to jump in the water and swim right alongside these brilliant sea mammals.

While the marine facilities on Isla Mujeres give you various options for meeting and interacting with dolphins including the Dolphin Encounter, it is the Dolphin Swims that get you closest to the water and allow you to jump in the water and literally swim with the dolphins in Cancun. When you book one of the Dolphin Swims in Cancun (including the Dolphin Royal Swim, the Dolphin Swim Adventure, and a series of dolphin swim combinations and packages), you are setting yourself for a truly interactive, educational and eye-opening experience. When you get to see the dolphins right in front of you, and when you get to be a witness to their impressive tricks and antics, and when you get the chance to swim right alongside, you build an even stronger appreciation for these most unique of sea creatures.

The Dolphin Swims include different types of interaction with the dolphins. They all include the chance to hug, touch, dance with, and swim with the dolphins. You will get to be a part of getting the dolphins to show of their tricks including the hand target where the dolphin jumps through the air and gently hits your hand. In addition to that, the Dolphin Swim Adventure, for example, also includes a belly ride and a boogie push. The Dolphin Royal Swim also includes a Dorsal Tow and a Foot Push.

The dolphins in the facilities on the island of Isla Mujeres are completely trained, safe, and friendly. They are always eager to meet new people and show off their skills. Throughout your entire dolphin swim program, you will be accompanied by expert dolphin trainers and marine biologists. This helpful crew will be on hand not only to show you just how fascinating these dolphins are, but also to make sure everything runs smoothly. These Dolphin Swims have become some of the most popular and well-loved Cancun tours and activities. If you have ever wondered what it's like to be in the water with these large and majestic animals, now is your chance!

Knowledgable Friendly Staff

Here at Cancun Dolphins, we work with only the most dedicated and service-oriented travel agents. Our team is made up of expert Cancun agents who know how to provide you with only the best customer service. Our staff is familiar with all of our Cancun dolphin tours and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our tours, Cancun, or the Yucatan Peninsula. Not sure which of our tours to go on? Simply call our offices and our agents will be happy to find the Cancun dolphin tour that is perfect for you and your group!

The team at Cancun Dolphins is made up of enthusiastic and expert agents who are highly familiar with the travel industry and Cancun. We work with the most highly trained dolphin experts who provide our clients with a truly unforgettable dolphin experience, whether you are going on the Dolphin Encounters or the Dolphin Swims.