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Cancun Travel Tips

Compared to many cities around the world, Cancun is an extremely simple city to visit for travelers. The city was built as a resort town and tourist destination. In other words, the culture at large and basic infrastructure of Cancun was built with the idea that it was meant primarily to attract travelers, tourists and vacationers from various parts of the globe. For this reason, coming to Cancun and figuring your way around the city is fairly simple.

You should feel generally safe while you're in Cancun but like in any other city you are visiting, you want to be alert at all times. Try not to wander around by yourself; attempt to always be in groups or at the very least in pairs. Cancun has a good record of safety but you want to avoid any potential harmful situations as best as possible. This goes for both day and night.

Make sure that while you're in Cancun and other parts of Mexico to opt for bottled water as much as possible. The water in Cancun is known to be generally safe, but it's always a better idea to grab a bottle of water that has been completely purified. Most establishments have bottled water readily available.

When dealing with the currency, the best idea is to convert your dollars to pesos. Most places in Cancun do accept American currency as well as credit cards, but many travelers say that you save the most money by using pesos. What you potentially save is not that much in the long run so if you cannot manage to convert your currency (or if you can't find a place who will do it for a reasonable price), then just stick to your dollars and credit cards. Also make sure to not tamper with your bills at all since defaced currency is very serious in Mexico and establishments are not allowed to accept bills that have been torn or defaced in any way. Likewise, if someone is giving you change and offers you bills that have been defaced, make sure to kindly ask the person to give you a bill that has not been tampered with.

Finally, when you are taking taxis in Cancun (as you almost certainly will be doing at some point during your stay), make sure to establish the rate either before you get in the cab or right when you get in. Taxi drivers are notorious for overcharging tourists. Also keep in mind that unlike in the US, taxi drivers do not expect to be tipped in Cancun.

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